National Solution Provider Lookup (North America)

Need expert help on your network, hardware or dental digital equipment?  Our NSPs are fully trained and certified on all of our digital imaging and practice management products.  They combine the knowledge and expertise you need with the friendly, professional and prompt service you want.

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BencoNet Services
Contact: Brian Haddox
6162 White Oaks Drive
Florence, KY - 41042
Phone: Fax:
Email: Web:
Certifications: PM,8000/C,6100,2200,9000,CR

Integrity Solutions Group
Contact: Dave Senseman/Don Grau
10170 International Blvd.
Cincinnatti, OH - 45246
Phone: 866-400-0474Fax: 513-755-2865
Email: dgrau@isgcare.comWeb:
Certifications: PM,8000/C,6100,CR,Oral/Ortho,2200,9000/9300/9500

Contact: Marilyn Denman
2360 Rand Ave
Dayton, OH - 45439
Phone: 800-462-3626 Ext 2042Fax: 570-602-4914
Email: efreeman@benco.comWeb:
Certifications: PM,CR,6100,8000/C,2200,1500,9000/C,9500

Helpdesk Dental
Contact: Todd Benson
2421 B S. 291 HWY
Independence, MO - 64057
Phone: 855-524-3571Fax:
Email: Todd@helpdeskdental.comWeb:
Certifications: PM,CR,6100,8000/C,2200,1500,9000/C,9300,9500

Helpdesk Dental
Contact: Todd Benson
10520 Barkley Suite 90
Overland Park, KS - 66212
Phone: 855-524-3571Fax:
Email: Todd@helpdeskdental.comWeb:
Certifications: PM,CR,6100,5100,1500,1600,6500,8000/8100/9000/9300

HelpDesk Dental
Contact: Todd Benson
3105 98th St Ste 130
Indianapolis, IN - 46280
Phone: 855-524-3571Fax:
Email: todd@helpdeskdental.comWeb:
Certifications: PM,CR,6100,6500, 7400, 7600, Oral/Ortho,8000/C,220