National Solution Provider Lookup (North America)

Need expert help on your network, hardware or dental digital equipment?  Our NSPs are fully trained and certified on all of our digital imaging and practice management products.  They combine the knowledge and expertise you need with the friendly, professional and prompt service you want.

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Cornerstone Dental Solutions
Contact: Bill Ramsaur
1401 Airport Pkwy #130
Cheyenne, WY - 82001
Phone: 866-777-4771Fax: 720-488-9944
Email: bramsaur@cstonesolutions.netWeb:
Certifications: PM,8000/C,6100,CR,Oral/Ortho,9000/9300/9500,2200,I

Advanced Computer Experts
Contact: Bruce Manston
3120 15th Street South
Fargo, ND - 58103
Phone: 701-298-8500Fax: 701-478-4376
Email: ace@ideaone.netWeb:
Certifications: PM,8000/C,6100,2200,9000/C,CR,9300/C,8100

The Local Guy
Contact: Brady Bai
4849 South State #2
Murray, Utah - 84107
Phone: 877-729-3932Fax: 801-752-5747
Email: brady.bai@thelocalguy.comWeb:
Certifications: PM,8000/C,6100,9000/9300/9500,2200,CR,Oral/Ortho